The more you have or create, the more you can add to your account.

You will be limited to 3 Premium Rewards. You can claim multiple rewards at the same time and they all stay in the wallet for 90 days for you to use when you want. MGM does not make any money from the game apart from what it can extract from your wallets by luring you into the casino’s, But Playstudios spend a lot of time and money on the game and they need to get paid too and they don’t get money from you when you are in the casino, so for them, their reward comes from players purchasing extra chips. Finally the good part, after a few months playing away and building up your LP it’s not time to reap the rewards. This will give you a good grounding and start your MyVegas Journey.


You have reached that limit and any further wins will only add XP and chips. A confirmation email and in-app notification are also sent to you about the reward you acquired along with instructions on how you can redeem it. There will be those out there calling us “mad” and “Wrong” and how can maximizing your play lead to less LP. Every roll seemed to produce crazy wins and it just keeps going. Get discounted or free Las Vegas food when you redeem the myVEGAS rewards below.

If you have spent quite a bit on chips your limit of 3 might have been extended to 4, 5, or even 6. But you will need to have spent quite a bit on chips. We used AI System to find and filter gift posts. Do you have any other myVEGAS premium reward questions? Most are out of date, most are insanely boring, and most are fatally flawed. The Downside is of course that the games do not always play ball.

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